Rye Festival of the Sea | Sponsors


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Our 2019 Festival Sponsors!

As a small committe our goal is to deliver a fun and unforgettable event for our community! Throughout the year, we work to gather things together to bring our beloved Festival of the Sea to life. No matter how much time we put into it – there’s no denying that the help of our sponsors make a huge difference! 

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our sponsors of 2019! If it wasn’t for their kind donations and support, we would not be able to make our festival as unforgettable as it is every year.

Thank you, Pure Creative Design, Rye News, Rye Heritage Centre, The Mermaid Inn, Bournes, Douglas Rowe, Visit 1066, Dynamic Conferences & Events, Rock Channel Marine, Cinque Ports Arms, The Pipemakers Arms, Rye Waterworks Micro Pub, Simply Italin and WizzWheels

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